If you don’t remember, I think last year in Japan the pokemon from the champions of different regions were given away to people in Japan. In this case, Green’s Pidgeot and Lance’s Dragonite will be given away to the champion of this tournament!

"But what about the other Champion’s Pokemon?" You say? Well… those will be given to the champions of upcoming tournaments. So stay in touch for future tourneys!

Today and Monday are the last days to claim your prizes! Please send us a message with your FC if you haven’t sent us one already. After that only those that have sent us one can ask for them on a later day when they have time for the trade, thank you!

Also, we have already a winner and wait for it soon, as well as the battle codes for the latest battles so you all can watch them!

wvaposts asked:

Any chance the codes to the semi finals can be posted for us to watch like last tournament or do we have to wait for the final to have happened?

We’ll post them as soon as the tournament is over, in a way to protect people’s teams battling right now!

Final Battle!

Remember you have this whole week for your best 2 of 3 matches! (Starting Monday until next Sunday!)

ruinsofalph vs gyarados

Good Luck to both! And the winner will get 3 Special Champion Pokemon that will be posted as the week goes through!
Note: Anyone still pending to get your prizes only have until next Sunday to claim them! Send a message to this blog with your FC in order to get them.

Only 26 more hours before closing with round 2!

Remember to message your group leaders with the battle code and results.

Also remember to claim your Shiny Eevee, you’ll have time to claim it as long as this tournament is still running, after that you’ll get nothing.